Vikings steal the spotlight at the district talent show


Olivia Loner, Reporter

Teaunn Lucas, sophomore, and Dezmond Holmand, freshman, outshined other RPS205 high school students in the All-City talent show, which took place May 4th from 7-9 p.m. at East High school. Holmand took home the first place prize of $250; Lucas won second place and was awarded $100. Three acts from Roosevelt, Auburn,Guilford, Jefferson, and East high school were chosen to perform at the show. Dominic Angileri was also chosen from Guilford to perform in the show and his act was a dance to his original song.

The show featured freshman through seniors. Holmand got to partake in a rare opportunity of being chosen for a first-year student.

“I played the piano and sang “I Believe”,” said Holmand. “I chose this song because it has a strong foundation in it and I just want to show everybody to believe and just hold on because we’re going to make it through the tough times together.”

Some of the judges of the talent show were Andrew Harth, manager of Nordlof Center, Matt Zediker, Human Resources for the district, Dr. Ahren Jarrett, supervisor of RPS district, and Earl Dorson Jr. They were chosen because they are all well-known people in the Rockford area.

“I was disappointed when the Guilford talent show was cancelled,” said Lucas. “However, I was very happy that I was chosen to perform at All-City. I was very nervous because it was my first time performing in front of an audience.