Allow Me to Indoctrinate You Into the World of Plumtree

Allow Me to Indoctrinate You Into the World of Plumtree

When someone briskly walks up to me and asks, “Hey, what’s your favourite band?” I immediately have an answer. Lots of people, when asked that question, struggle to find an answer. That may be due to the fact that everyone’s music taste has been completely dishevelled and some listen to the equivalent of a squirrel in a woodchipper screaming, thus being embarrassed to say. (Or, they straight up can’t think of anything, but where’s the fun in that?) The answer I always turn to is a little Canada based indie rock band called Plumtree.

   It’s important to note that I have never met a single other person that has heard of this band, so when I have a band that I’m really personally interested in, I usually gate keep it with all my might… but because no one knows about it, it’s hard to be petty when no one knows what you’re being petty about. 

   Plumtree got together in 1993 and consisted of sisters Carla and Lynette Gills, as well as their friends Amanda Braden, Nina Martin, and later Catriona Sturton. They were on a seven year roll, with their band succeeding in many fields. They didn’t win many awards, but they were loved so much throughout their lifespan.

   Let’s talk about music now. Their sound was and still is very unique and indistinguishable from the other indie rock bands that exist. I have never heard a single other band that sounds like these girls. Maybe one exists, but I have yet to find them. It’s pretty guitar oriented, with the main instruments you’ll be hearing being a muddy bass and an almost-out-of-tune electric guitar. In addition, the girls that sing have great vocals that do fit the potentially out of tune music. Their songs usually consist of either funny or heartwarming lyrics, with their album Mass Teen Fainting having more goofy songs, like their smaller track called “In the Sink” which is about a girl with a worm collection being shunned away from her friends because they think she’s weird and the worms are dirty and gross. It’s very unique from other comedy bands because the ones that I listen to make it very obvious that there’s supposed to be a joke, but Plumtree makes it seem like you’re supposed to be taking it seriously. 

   When they’re not making goofy songs, they’re making very well thought-out rock ballads about the broad topic of their personal lives. My personal favourites by them are “Effin’,” “Was That All,”“I Love You When You’re Walkin’Away,” and “The Game’s Over.” However, I do like basically every single song they’ve ever made. They’re a very underground band, only surpassing about 70k monthly followers on things like Spotify and Apple Music, but I love them to bits. 

   Let me get into the meat and potatoes of this whole spiel now, that being why you should absolutely give them a try. I feel like everyone should try listening to Plumtree simply because it’s so different from literally everything else out there right now. When I’m listening to my gigantic organised playlist and a Plumtree song comes on, I’m caught off guard every time because it’s a completely different sounding song from everything else it should blend into. I’d just just switch it on and see if you like it. If you hate one song, you’ll hate them all. However, if you LIKE one song, you’ll totally like them all. Take my word for it! I listen to music!