Seniors reflect on fond memories of their times at GHS


Seniors Jaiden Mitchell and Lyndsie Haak reflect on great senior year memories.

   With the 2022 school year coming to a close, seniors are feeling nostalgic about their past four years of high school. With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting a significant portion of last year’s class of 2021’s senior year experience and depriving them of some of the classic high school memories, seniors graduating this year seem especially grateful for the time spent with other classmates and the social activities that they had the opportunity to partake in. 

   Many teachers played a large role in seniors’ day to day lives and gave them the opportunity to succeed, while also providing entertaining lectures. A staff member known for this is AP Calculus and Pre-Calculus teacher, Mr. Nathan Kirschmann. Senior Lyndsie Haak is no stranger to his interesting conversations, and even considers the lectures that were held in that class to be some of her favorite memories.

   “My favorite memory from senior year is having random conversations with the teacher [Mr. Kirschman] in my AP Calculus class,” said Haak. 

   Although slow days at school are rare, extracurricular activities provided the entertainment that everyday classes sometimes lacked. One such extracurricular activity is marching band. Senior Jaiden Mitchell is a member of the marching band, and a drum major.

    “I loved running down the hallways with my friends before the marching band played on game days for basketball or football,” said Mitchell.

   Many students seemed particularly enthusiastic about school sports, and will fondly recall football games held on Fridays at Swanson Stadium after they graduate.

   “I liked going to the football games with my friends, I loved to be able to see my friends outside of class,” said Elly Buchanan, senior. 

   New friends and experiences are on the horizon for the graduating students, and Haak couldn’t be more excited.

   “I’m looking forward to meeting new people and having spontaneous adventures with them,” said Haak.

   Some seniors are planning on heading straight into the workforce, while others intend to go to college. Either way, their futures look bright. 

   “After high school I’m excited to do the study abroad program that I applied for, and maybe go to Ireland with that program,” said Mitchell.