Bugs make great pets; Here’s why


Bugs in their glass containers

   When you hear the word “bug,” what’s the first thing you think of? Probably just gross little invasive creatures, right? Well what if I told you that bugs can actually make great pets? (Spoiler: they do.) My partner Alexis Montejo, junior, has bestowed upon me knowledge of the world that is: living with bugs. At first, I was very skeptical about keeping bugs as pets, as I don’t really see the appeal. However, upon further “inspection,” I’ve found that bugs can make amazing roommates.

   “Living with bugs is very easy because they are such easy pets,” said Montejo. “When people have an idea for an easy pet, they probably think, ‘Oh, a fish!’ but bugs are easier in the sense of just having to set them up in a habitat and drop food in there once in a while.” 

   Anyone can get into the bug scene, and it’s actually advised if you’re looking to care for a pet but don’t particularly have the money or skills for them. It’s a very cheap job and it’s rewarding in its own right.

   “I’ve always had an interest in bugs, but I got into caring for them when I first received my millipedes from a trip to Florida. I made it my life long goal to care for these little guys, and any other bugs I may cross paths with,” said Montejo. “It definitely can get expensive, but it is kind of cool to note that you can just pick these things off of the ground and take them home, occasionally feeding them. It’s relaxing to know I’m helping them live.”

   The prices of bugs can range considerably. Montejo said they paid around $46 for one of their spiders, but got their isopods for free from their English teacher. Isopods are an order of marine invertebrates that belong to the greater crustacean group of animals. They tend to be pretty cheap, but different breeds of them can get up there in price. 

   “Getting the opportunity to care for these bugs is its own reward, but I feel even more rewarded when I actually… do it.” said Montejo. “It’s very fun helping them out and I get such a sense of satisfaction when I do little tasks for my bugs. I do irk anyone that’s semi-interested in caring for bugs to hop on the train as soon as possible.”

   There is actually a huge community between people that care for bugs. Anyone can get any source of information from a wide range of sources because of how many people there are. It’s actually surprising how many people are in this community, especially with how caring and helpful they are.

   “I’m not really a huge part of the bug community, but I always tend to turn to it whenever I have certain questions regarding the care of my bugs,” said Montejo. “There’s always someone on the other side that’s willing to help out, or someone coming in clutch with a detailed answer on Google.”

   All in all, it would be beneficial in many ways to keep bugs as pets. It’s very rewarding in itself to care for them. Taking care of something when you don’t have anything to care for can actually be good for mental health, and you may as well because of how cheap and easy it is! 

   “With enough research, and a caring community you can turn to whenever, keeping bugs as pets is something that I highly recommend if you’re at all interested in it,” said Montejo. “You won’t regret it!”