Students edge out staff 29-28 in pre-Spring Break basketball game

   After a two-year hiatus, the annual student-faculty basketball game took place on Friday, March 18th, during the last hour of an assembly schedule day. The game traditionally takes place on the Friday before students are released for Spring Break.

   Juniors in the class of 2023 were freshmen during the last student-faculty game, which took place in March of 2020. After that game, students never returned to school for the rest of that year because of the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

   “It was fun to see students back together for an event,” said Mrs. Kelly Duncan, ESL teacher.

   The game is played for fun, and any student or staff member can participate, no matter how talented they are at basketball.

   “I think the equal opportunity for everyone to play despite their skill level was cool, and seeing the teachers in a different environment with completely different energy was really nice too,” said Katie Dao, sophomore. 

  Approximately 17 staff and 33 students participated in the game. Players rotated in and out throughout the different periods. 

   “My favorite moments were when the staff got together before the game for a group photo,” said Ms. Jessica Bell, English teacher. “It was great to see so many different teachers coming together for a fun competition against the students. Especially the people that you wouldn’t normally expect, they put themselves out of their comfort zones and it was a blast to see!”

   Both students and staff members took on the roles of coaches and referees.

    “I enjoyed when Mr. Barabasz, who was a referee, saved the ball from going out of bounds and gave it to the teachers,” said Nico Ibarra, senior. 

   Ms. Bell, who coaches the freshmen girls basketball team, also appreciated watching students step into leadership roles.

   “I also enjoyed when our fantastic, grade A, unmatched student referee (Jhanel Coleman, a junior) kept the game orderly and fair by giving the student coach (Mekhi Doby) a technical,” said Ms. Bell. “He was really out of line, and she kept the game on the right path. What a leader, what an example for young people everywhere!”

  Students ended up winning the game, 29-28. The game is a way to celebrate second semester successes before students and staff leave to enjoy a much-needed week of time away from school and classes.

   “I loved the atmosphere of the game,” said Jordan Woods, junior. “It felt like the perfect way to close the week and begin Spring Break. It was really special, in my opinion, because it was where we left off as freshmen due to Covid, and seeing that we’re back was a great experience.”