What was your experience of the March 29 soft lockdown? What information were you receiving during the lockdown?

Abigail Carlson, junior. “I was concerned at the fact that I had no idea what was going on, (which of course I understand why they provided vague info to prevent panic). I did ask my mom what was going on at the time, but got only basic information on the situation. I heard a rumor that a girl was holding her boyfriends gun for him, and he had then reported her for having the gun. The lack of communication in this situation and pervious situations like this is a bit concerning.”

Classes went under soft lockdown during 7th and 8th periods on Tuesday, March 29, and later a Media Advisory disclosed the lockdown was “a precaution to investigate a report of a student with a weapon. A weapon was recovered, and Rockford Police are assisting with the investigation.” The lockdown was lifted during 8th hour, and students were dismissed on time.