Mrs. Melissa Wedwick: Social Studies


   Mrs. Melissa Wedwick joined the GHS Social Studies Department this year, teaching Government, Economics and U.S. History, all senior-level classes. This is her fifteenth year of teaching, following previous experience at Harlem Alternative Academy and St. Peter’s Catholic School.

   When she is not teaching, Mrs. Wedwick enjoys spending time with her family, especially outdoors. 

   “I am an avid hiker and I look forward to camping somewhere new every summer. On our road trips I’m constantly looking for historical markers and heritage sites. Around town I enjoy riding my bike. When I’m not spending time outdoors, I can be found either playing my records or reading a book. I enjoy historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy novels.”

 Mrs. Wedwick became a teacher because she wanted to share her love of learning with others and inspire students to become lifelong learners as well.

   “The foundations of Social Science subjects may remain the same, but our knowledge of past decisions and events continue to evolve as time goes on and we discover more facts and have new experiences,” she said.

   Economics and Government are both one-semester courses taken senior year. Students seem evenly split between which of the two they enjoy the most. Either way, Mrs. Wedwick appears happy to have chosen teaching as a profession. 

  “I enjoy working in a career where I am always surrounded by fresh perspectives and varied personalities. No two classes are the same. 

   Thus far, Mrs. Wedwick’s experience at GHS has been positive.   

“The students at Guilford I have had the opportunity to work with so far display a strong sense of self-awareness that I can see has been nurtured and developed throughout their high school career,” said Mrs. Wedwick. “In my own personal experience at Guilford, teachers, administrators, and staff have all been very supportive and I look forward to getting to know more colleagues and students.”