Mr. Brent Garner: Industrial Education

Mr. Brent Garner: Industrial Education

   This year we have lots of new faces joining us at Guilford. Industrial Education teacher Mr. Brent Garner is among these new faces.

   “This is my 30th year of teaching,” said Mr. Garner. “I have taught at Niles North and Niles West in Skokie, and I have taught for 27 years at Niles Township.”

   Many teachers have said how much they may hate the school year, or how they love it, and even those who have a mixed opinion on it. Mr. Garner said that this has been an odd year, to say the least.

“It’s been an interesting year,” said Mr. Garner. “We have a lot of challenges with Covid and a population of students that are learning how to navigate being a high school student.”

   A lot of teachers have their reasons why they started to teach, and Mr. Garner’s reasons are positive. 

“I get paid to talk about things I’m interested in,” said Mr. Garner “Plus, it’s a family-friendly lifestyle.”

   Not a lot of people know this, but a lot of teachers are actually in relationships with other teachers inside the district. 

   “I’m married to a teacher that teaches in RPS,” said Mr. Garner.

   Many teachers also have other odd jobs that they do outside of school, and Mr. Garner is no exception. 

   “I am a trainer for an electric car kit company called Switch Lab,” said Mr. Garner.  “I spend my summers training high school and community college teachers on how to build electric cars. I’m going to finally retire after next year and will do the electric car training year-round.”