Mr. Jacob (Alex) Brogan: Music


   Another new face has joined our staff, Mr. Jacob (Alex) Brogan who is a music teacher. He first substituted for one semester last school year in Edgerton, Wisconsin, and this will be his first full year of teaching.

   “I have been loving this year so far!” said Brogan. “I feel like I’ve been learning as much or more as my students have been and it’s very exciting!”

   Many teachers have different reasons as to why they choose their profession and they vary between just looking for a job or, like Mr. Brogan, they really enjoy their profession.

   “I wanted to be a teacher to show my students how exciting and powerful it is to be able to share our music with others.” Brogan said, “It’s a profound experience and nothing else is quite like it.”

   There are many options in the world for people to choose from. Whether it is a small job like a job at a grocery store, or a big job at a company. Teachers, no matter what job profession they may choose, also have this option. However, Mr. Brogan is sticking to this one for the time being.

   “As of right now, I do not have any further career plans.” Brogan said,”Guilford is treating me quite nicely so far and I have no intentions of leaving at the moment!”

   If there are students who believe that teachers’ lives can be plain or have nothing interesting about them, they are wrong. Mr. Brogan is one of many of Guilford’s teachers who also enjoy many joyous things.

   “I am a massive nerd.” said Brogan. “I love Star Wars, video games, tabletop games, anything tech-related, and learning about pretty much anything and everything.”