Freshmen find their future pathways


Doc Blakeney

Freshmen students work on an assignment in Mrs. Mikulay’s first hour College and Career Readiness class.

   December is the time for freshmen to choose their academies. Students are now choosing what academy and which electives they will take for their sophomore year.

   Freshmen were taught about each academy and the pathways in them from their College and Career Readiness (CCR) class. This class prepares students for the rest of high school and beyond. It was the class that set up times for teachers to talk about the class they teach to the freshmen.

   “I think the guest speakers really did a good job of explaining what I needed to do,” said Riley Kegley, freshman. “They told me how to pick my pathway.”

   Students can take three electives in their sophomore year because they are not required to take a history class. There are pathway electives that only come with the academy you choose, and there are global electives that anyone can take.

   “I’m taking woodworking for construction and guitar,” said Jack Dewey, freshman. “I’m taking an AP class next year too.”

   Freshmen choose from the business, production, health, and service academies. The production academy is popular among students and is focused on hands-on type careers. It has pathways in construction/skilled trades, engineering, and industrial technology/fabrication.

   “I am choosing the production academy,” said Kegley. “I really like doing things with my hands, and it’s the most hands-on academy.”

   Students got to see what each academy encompasses and what many of the classes are like through the academy expo and their CCR class. This helps students know what classes are right for them.

   “I feel good with my classes for next year,” said Dewey. “I chose classes that I like and want to do.”