Egg Babies: A memorable take on developing parenting skills


Raehann Razick and Marionique Lambert (10) proudly display their egg babies.

   Caring for a child later in life can seem like a daunting task, but thanks to an innovative project taking place the week of October 25, child-development students have a head start. 

   Each student was given a hollow egg to look after for five days, nonstop. This egg simulated a child, and students needed to care for the egg and protect it from the dangers of everyday life, just as they would their child.

   “Hopefully our students will gain an understanding and appreciation of the level of responsibility and commitment needed to be a parent,” said Ms. Callahan, Child Development teacher.

Enysiah Young (10) cradles her egg baby, TJ.

   The egg baby project has taken place for three years and is highly anticipated every year. The feedback is almost always overwhelmingly positive, especially this year since the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the assignment from taking place last school year. 

   “I liked being responsible for something, and learning what it is like for young mothers who might have a kid,” said Arista Owens, senior. 

   Although the assignment was enjoyable, there were also many challenges to face while ‘parenting’ the eggs, especially while in school. 

   “The biggest challenge was the kids, and trying to get through the classes,” said Cheyenne Wilkinson, senior. 

   As a type of conclusion to the project, students were expected to make a scrapbook of their ‘babies,’ and the memories that they had within their five-day journey, and an essay reflecting on their experiences. 

   “The scrapbook was the most fun part,” said Owens. “You get to take all of the pictures and describe them, so I think that I liked that part the best out of everything.”