Girls’ Tennis: a smashing hit at sectionals


Girls’ Varsity team wins trophy at conference

   After having won almost every game throughout the fall season, the girls’ tennis team ended this year with a bang by taking over sectionals, earning third place in the NIC-10 conference.

   Doubles partners Anju Griffeth, senior, and Mackenzie Larson, sophomore, qualified to compete in the state championship.

   “Varsity went 20-4 and JV went 18-0,” said Coach David Woosley. “I don’t think there was really a motivator as much as the girls just wanted to win.”

   This successful season did not occur without hardships. COVID restrictions and regulations have limited most, if not all, Guilford sports for the past year.

   “When COVID happened, we started to wear masks to practice and use hand sanitizer all the time,” said Grace Nelson, sophomore. “We couldn’t really travel, either.”

   Along with a great season came some other major changes for both coaches and teammates.

   “Boy, we had a few [changes],” said Woosley. “We hired a new third assistant coach for the third straight year, as well as played a JV conference team instead of a Fresh/Soph team. It is only supposed to be one season, but we shall see what the conference decides.”

   Complications arose with the many different happenings of this year’s season. With a group of freshmen players joining the team as well, difficulties were prominent at the beginning of games.

   “I don’t really know how to explain it… some games we wouldn’t know if we were playing or not, or who we were playing with,” said Thiri Thar, junior. “But that’s perfectly normal, considering the amount of people we had on the team and everything.”

   Although worries were high, some teammates say they were not bothered by the changes of the season at all. Some even enjoyed the benefits that came with this year, such as being able to travel by bus.

   “It was really fun; we got to do a lot more and I got to hang out with my friends,” said Nelson. “Last season we didn’t get to travel to as many places. This year, we got a lot more opportunities.”

   “There really wasn’t anything I disliked,” said Thar. “I just thought there were a few sudden events, but overall it was a great season. I hope everyone else enjoyed it.”

   The team built on last year’s record of fourth place in conference, and Coach Woosley is already looking forward to next season.

   “I feel that all the hard work the girls and myself have put in over the years paid off and should continue for the future!” said Woosley.