Venom: Let There Be Carnage Review ~ a sequel done right


   Venom: Let There Be Carnage was released in theaters on Thursday, September, 30. 

   The beginning of Venom 2, is when Cletus Cortland Kasady is in a reformation school with his girlfriend, Frances Louise Barrison (AKA Shriek). We then see Shriek going to prison, and Officer Mulligan sitting in the back with her until she uses her supersonic scream, breaking his eardrum, and he shoots her in the eye. It cuts to her waking up in a prison cell that is soundproof, so when she screams it stays in the box with her.

   The reason this scene is good is because we get some background information on Kasady. We get to see what he was like at a younger age.

   Back to the present, Eddie Brock is with Detective Mulligan. Venom then tries to eat Detective Mulligan’s head, since he is being a jerk. Eddie gets to Kasady, and they talk As Eddie leaves, Venom sees something in Kasady’s cell and figures out the bodies were on a beach on the coast. The bodies were the lost victims of Kasady’s murders. The death penalty is reinstated for Kasady. Venom had not been happy lately, because Eddie has only been letting him eat live chickens and chocolate. They even have two pet chickens that Venom named Sonny and Cher, which he can’t bring himself to eat. He thinks they should be eating bad guys.

   Venom also says they should be called the Lethal Protector. Venom says this because of the comic Venom-The lethal protector. Since the chickens are named Sonny and Cher it is a foreshadowing of Venom and Eddie’s separation.

   The pair are out eating live chickens when they see a mugger robbing a woman. Venom pops out and tries to eat him, but Eddie talks him out of it. So Venom throws him into a dumpster and runs. They get a call from Eddie’s ex-fiancee, Anna, saying to meet her at a restaurant to talk. She reveals that she is getting married, and Venom makes Eddie look sad, and controls his emotions. Anna somehow knows Venom is there, despite Eddie telling her Venom is dead. She then leaves to go home, and Eddie tries to kill himself by driving into oncoming traffic, but Venom saves him by taking control. Eddie only tried to kill himself because of the fact that Venom was pissing him off and if Eddie is dead so is Venom. Venom and Eddie go home, where Eddie gets a postcard from Kasady for one more interview before he is killed by lethal injection.  So when they get to the prison Kasady is talking bad to Eddie and then Venom gets mad and pulls Eddie near Kasady, where he bites Eddie’s hand and eats the blood. That is how he gets the Carnage symbiote. Venom then says, “I probably just made a mistake.” Venom is Carnage’s father because he is the one who made the Carnage symbiote. The reason Carnage hates Venom is because the symbiotes raise their offspring to hate them.

   Eddie and Venom return home, where they have a big argument over Eddie not being able to live his life because of Venom, while the symbiote still complains about his hunger. The two then have a physical fight, that includes Venom destroying Eddie’s TV and his motorcycle. Venom goes on to possess other unwitting victims. Eddie then proceeds to clean up his apartment. This is funny because of the fact that Eddie lives in an already disgusting apartment.

   When Kasady is put through the lethal injection, Carnage stops it and kills 15 people. Kasady then steals a car to go look for his girlfriend. Now alone, Eddie decides to try and get his life back on track, but ends up getting himself arrested by Mulligan. Eddie calls Anna and asks her to find Venom. Venom is at the bodega and has bonded with Mrs. Chen. We then see female Venom again, when Anna takes Venom back into her body.

   Eddie apologizes to Venom, and we see an epic fight scene between Venom and Carnage. Venom almost dies, and we see Mulligan tied to a beam with his throat pinned down onto the beam. Carnage ends up being defeated, and Venom eats the Carnage symbiote and Kasadys head. 

   This scene is a way that a villain proves to be a hero. 

   The pair then go to what looks to be an island in the middle of the ocean, but they then get transported to the MCU in the events of Spiderman: No Way Home. He then licks the picture of Peter Parker, and the movie ends. This is a clever nod to the villain’s actions in the new movie.

   In my opinion, this movie was way better than the first, but it is doing worse than the first one at the box office. The cast is amazing, with Woody Harrelson as Cletus, and Stephen Graham as Patrick Mulligan. But this was an amazing movie. If you don’t know what to spend your money on I would recommend going and seeing this.