Episode 1 – The Five Foot Fence


   On September 28, Larry David dropped a trailer for Curb Your Enthusiasm season eleven. The trailer was a forty-five-second clip of the Earth, with “The world has changed,” displayed at the end. The Earth then slowly turns into Larry’s head, with the text then saying, “He hasn’t.” 

   The iconic Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song then played over the announcement saying that season eleven was coming soon, with episode one being aired on October 24. This was extremely exciting, as I have always been a big fan of the series. Season ten was one of my favorite seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and featured one of my favorite episodes across all my favorite shows. The question remains, was the start of season eleven a success?

   The first episode named, “The Five Foot Fence” opens up on Larry sleeping. While he is resting, he gets robbed. After waking up to see what was going on, he walks outside to see a dead body floating in his pool. After he called the cops, they quickly pointed out the fact that Larry didn’t install a fence around his pool, which is against the law. They give him a pass, because he was not aware of the law, and they leave.

   The next morning, Larry and his manager Jeff Greene go to Netflix headquarters to pitch a show that Larry has been working on, called Young Larry. Netflix agrees to let him shoot a pilot, and they tell him they will hold auditions later that week. 

   Later on, Larry was sent a letter from the brother of the dead guy in Larry’s pool. The brother, named Marco, threatened to take Larry to court because he did not install the fence, which he says is the cause of his brother’s death. However, he says that the problem would go away if Larry casts Marco’s daughter in Young Larry. Naturally, many talented actors come in to audition the next day, and Larry shrugs them off. When she comes in to audition though, she is very untalented and cannot even say her lines right, but of course, Larry cheers for her and turns to the other casting directors and says that she is going to be in the show. 

   Another main part of the episode is that everyone is starting to feel concerned for Larry’s wellbeing. When he went to a party with his actress girlfriend, Lucy Liu, he went to go outside on the patio. Instead, he walked right into the sliding glass door. Everyone, including Liu, starts to think he has dementia. In fact, Liu dumped him because of it. 

   The story line that most people will like about this episode, though, is Albert Brooks’ funeral. Brooks is an actor, who’s alive, but feels the need to have a funeral that he can watch over. I won’t say too much about this part of the story, because the way that it turns out is one of my favorite moments across the entire series. I was in tears from laughing so hard at 10 P.M. That’s the Curb effect, and it never fails to make me laugh uncontrollably. The end scene will also be appreciated by long-term Curb Your Enthusiasm fans.

   Something that confused me, however, was the lack of COVID mentioned in this season. To give some background, when season ten was airing, the COVID pandemic was starting to ramp up. Being the Curb fan that I am, one of the first things I ever did was come up with scenarios of what Larry would do in a pandemic, because the show has been known to mention real-life events. This season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, is what Larry imagines life to be like if COVID completely went away. There are a few instances where COVID is mentioned, but it is not the central plot like I thought it would be.

   “It’s the same as a pre-COVID world. Same world, but there are references to COVID,” said Larry. (The Hollywood Reporter). 

   The season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm season eleven was great. It always puts a smile on my face to see more content from a show that I like, and since this has always been one of my favorites, I am thankful I get another season.

   Season eleven episode two will air Sunday, October 31, at 10:30 EST/9:30 CST on HBO and will stream concurrently on HBO Max.