The Paths of Two Apprentices – Boruto Episode 200 “Becoming a Student”


   The newest addition to the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime has been released as of May 23, highlighting Chapter 34 of its manga. Episode 200 was given the name “Becoming a Student,” with the chapter being titled “Training.”

Chapter 34 Cover

   We open up with the aftermath of Kawaki protecting Naruto and his daughter at the cost of his own arm. In response, Naruto uses the prosthetic arm Doctor Katasuke manufactured for him a while back to replace Kawaki’s limb. The downside to this is that the prosthetic was only made for Naruto and his chakra alone, so Naruto will have to infuse chakra around the clock in order for the arm to retain usability, with it deactivating when Naruto is asleep or incapacitated.

   We then switch to the Kara hideout, where Boro is getting maintenance from Amado. Suddenly, Delta’s triangular drone flew into the room. Though Delta’s body was blown to bits, she had even more bodies that the drone could  activate and act as her main body if necessary. In a way, disposing the body is not enough; you need to dispose of the “heart,” so to speak. She informed Jigen and the other members of Kara who were present about the existence of another Karma outside of Jigen and Kawaki’s. Code wondered if it was Sasuke Uchiha since he checked in on Naruto Uzumaki after Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki’s death but there was no Karma on his body, either. Delta told them it was Naruto’s son, Boruto Uzumaki. She said that it was definitely a bona fide Karma, as both Kawaki and Boruto got a great surge of power once their Karmas resonated with one another. Jigen took pleasure in this.

   “This is unexpected news. That damn Momoshiki. You did manage to leave behind your very own vessel before you died.”

– Jigen

   Back in the Hidden Leaf Village, Shikamaru put Konohamaru on alert about Kawaki, telling him to keep a close eye on things. Konohamaru wholeheartedly accepted, claiming that he wanted no more casualties after Mugino’s death. As per usual, Kashin Koji stayed hidden within the town, keeping a lookout.

   In the Uzumaki residence, Kawaki asked Naruto to train him in ninjutsu, to which Naruto accepted. They trained, Kawaki heavily relying on his Karma to start. Both Boruto and Naruto told him that this ninjutsu training requires the use of his chakra in order to become stronger. While this was happening, Sarada and Sasuke began the former’s Chidori training. They went to a large waterfall, where Sasuke told her that since her Sharingan has now progressed to its second tomoe, the training can begin. He educated her on the foundations of the Jutsu before using one of his own to temporarily halt the flow of the waterfall. Sarada gave a go at it as well, but to no avail.


   “Mastery of the Chidori relies heavily on the speed of your strike and your body’s ability to produce an immense amount of chakra. The combination of focusing your chakra at a single point and the swiftness of your strike creates a unique sound that resembles the sound of a thousand birds. That’s why this technique is called Chidori!”

– Sasuke Uchiha

   The training was cut short, however, as Sai Yamanaka informed Sasuke about an urgent mission he was needed for. Sarada went to a local convenience store where she ran into Boruto, Mitsuki, and Kawaki. Boruto bought a pack of cards and one for Kawaki too. Boruto was unlucky, as he drew yet another Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki card, whereas Kawaki drew a rare Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze card. Seeing that Boruto was unhappy about his card, Kawaki traded with him, saying that he didn’t know anything about the Fourth, Boruto becoming delighted by this.

   Back at home, Kawaki successfully finished putting together the vase Boruto had been nagging him to fix, or so he thought. There was one shard missing. He looked around and still couldn’t find it. Figuring that it must be in the living room, he stood up to leave, but that’s when he heard the voice of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Kurama, from behind him, which almost shook the pants off of him.

   “Hey, kid! Sit down. Don’t leave Naruto’s side without permission!”

– Kurama

   With that, Episode 200 is concluded. Episode 201 hits next Sunday, May 30 titled “Empty Tears.”