Naruto vs. Delta – Boruto Episode 199 “Overload”

Chapter 33 Cover

   With Episode 199 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations done and in the books, the intense battle between Inner Kara member Delta and Seventh Hokage Naruto concluded in the first half of the episode, while the second focused around a particular member of the evil organization and his “other” occupation. This episode is titled “Overload,” adapting Chapter 33 of the manga, the chapter being titled “Surpassing the Limits.”

   After Kawaki sacrificed his own body to protect Naruto and Himawari, Delta became uncontrollably furious, going on about how Kawaki is only a vessel and that his body doesn’t belong to him, the word “vessel” confusing Naruto. Delta told him it was none of his business, considering she was going to kill him anyway, to which Naruto told her to get on with that if that’s what she really planned on doing.

   The fight between the two continued, with the animation displaying yellow and pink sparks zipping across the battlefield to convey how fierce the battle was. Boruto noticed his father seemed angrier than usual. This was because of what Naruto told Delta earlier on: “Don’t you dare lay a finger on those kids. I’ll make you regret it and wish you were dead.” She completely trampled over those words, upsetting him even further. 


“It’s too late. And not just for you, but the entire organization known as “Kara.” Everyone after Kawaki. I’m going to find and destroy you all.”

– Naruto Uzumaki


   He stepped towards Delta, which excited her. She planned to blast him at point-blank range. When Naruto was close enough to her liking, she fired a beam at him, but he countered it by using a Giant Rasengan. She told him it was futile, that she could still absorb it with her scientifically enhanced eye. However, Naruto didn’t let up; he kept pouring more and more chakra into the attack, increasing the size and volume of the Rasengan. This confused Boruto as, from the outside, it seemed that Naruto was just wasting his chakra. But that wasn’t the case, something Boruto quickly realized soon after. He and his father both realized that since she could absorb and fire back Naruto’s earlier Rasengan, there must be a place inside Delta’s body that stores absorbed objects.


“There’s probably a limit to how much she can absorb. Dad’s planning on making her burst.”

– Boruto Uzumaki

   They were both correct. Not long after, Delta’s eye began malfunctioning before becoming completely unusable. She could no longer absorb attacks, nor could her eyesight link to her drone’s. Naruto’s always had a large chakra supply, which is what allowed him to keep pumping out more and more of it nonstop. Delta lunged at Naruto, but he simply leaped over her before delivering a Super Massive Rasengan that ripped the surrounding trees apart and created a humongous crater in the ground. Naruto plopped down, deactivated his Nine-Tails Chakra form, and gave a reassuring thumbs up to the kids. Delta wasn’t dead, though. Naruto made sure to keep her alive for further questioning. This came back to bite him, however, as Delta self-detonated. Luckily, Naruto was able to grab Boruto, Kawaki, and Himawari. As per usual, Kashin Koji watched on via his toad, noting that Naruto’s strength was quite impressive, but it still wasn’t enough.


“Very impressive, Naruto Uzumaki. What tremendous power you have. But all that’s still not enough. Karma. Knowing its secrets will be the key to unlocking their secrets. And I bet that you, Boruto Uzumaki, hold that key.”

– Kashin Koji

   With that, the adaptation of Chapter 33 was complete, but it wasn’t the end of the episode. We then switched to a small village that seemed to be overrun by a deadly sickness. This portion of the episode was an anime-only scene, absent from the source material. The man who came to rescue the people of this town was known as a savior. He was none other than Boro, the biggest fellow in the Kara organization. He seemingly erased the illness from people with ease. The townsfolk thanked him, but Boro told them that despite this, they still wouldn’t be able to escape the horrible conditions and poverty they lived in. He told them all of their problems could be solved with the Infinite Tsukuyomi, the dastardly genjutsu that temporarily plagued the lives of many in the last Great Ninja War.

   Afterward, Boro was visited by Code, his Kara colleague, who told him to return to Amado for maintenance. Boro refused, Code threatening to use force to take him back if need be. Boro backed down, giving in to Code. Around this time, Jigen finally finished recuperating, Amado mentioning how long it took. Amado also mentioned something of some sort of time limit, but Jigen cut him off, asking about Kashin Koji and his mission to retrieve the Vessel. Amado had heard nothing from him, nor Delta, at that. The episode wrapped up with him also telling Jigen that he had not yet tracked down the mole within the organization, but he planned to do so eventually. Episode 200 hits May 23, titled, “Becoming a Student.”