Naruto vs. Delta: Ninjutsu vs. Science – Boruto Episode 198 “Monsters”

Chapter 32 Cover

  This episode kicked off right where it left off last week, with Delta storming down in front of Naruto, Kawaki, Boruto, and Himawari. Kawaki immediately noticed her as terror ran through his body. This episode adapted two chapters instead of just one, something that hasn’t happened since Episode 186. Chapter 31 titled, “Monsters,” and Chapter 32 titled, “Owed Debts” were showcased in this episode, with the former being the title of the episode.

   Delta and Naruto didn’t waste any time exchanging blows with one another, Delta proving herself worthy enough for Naruto to tap into Kurama’s power, the Nine-Tailed Fox. During the altercation, Naruto grabbed Delta’s leg and slammed her into the ground. He gathered chakra for a Rasengan, but she used her Scientific Ninja Tool eyes to absorb it. She then dug her leg underground, using an ability of hers to transform parts of her body into weapons, similar to Kawaki, to attack Naruto from the ground up. However, he managed to dodge.


“That’s right. Various parts of me are Scientific Ninja Tools.”

– Delta


   In this episode, Kawaki also mentioned that Delta is an Inner member of the Kara organization, or Core member, going on to say that each and every one of them is a monster. Each Inner member includes Delta herself, Boro, Code, Kashin Koji, Victor (who is now deceased, killed by Koji), and Jigen, the leader of the group. There has been one anime-only Inner, and that man is Deepa. He made his first appearance in the Kara Actuation storyline, and he was disposed of by Amado in Episode 181. On top of Inners, the organization also has Outers. People such as Ao, Garou (deceased as well, killed by Kawaki), as well as anime-only Outers such as the Hidden Stone Village scientist from the Mitsuki’s Disappearance storyline, or Victor’s Secretary from the Kara Actuation storyline.

   In the battle, Delta got the upper hand on Naruto and pinned him to the ground, asking why he was so involved with Kawaki. Naruto replied by saying that it was his job to do that and warning her that if laid even a finger on the kids, Kawaki included, that she would regret it and wish she was dead. It is then revealed that Naruto was toying around the entire time, hoping to seem weakened in order for Delta to drop her guard and leak intel on Kara, upsetting Delta even further in the process.


“I’ve decided to tear you apart while you’re still alive for looking down on me!”

– Delta


   Delta and Naruto tussled before Delta brought the earlier-absorbed Rasengan back out of her eye and shot it at Naruto, though he was able to avoid it. The fight progressed at a fast pace, with lots of hand-to-hand combat, as well as Delta, continuing to attack using her modified limbs. Naruto even showcased his use of Lava Style, incorporating it with his Rasenshuriken Jutsu. We also see that Delta’s eyes have one more ability. She can fire a counter-regenerative beam that, as stated by Kawaki, obliterates the cells of any body part they come into contact with, and that neither his nor the Hokage’s regeneration could repair the damage.

   The bout continued, with Delta shooting beam after beam at Naruto. Naruto concluded that, although powerful, they probably use a considerable amount of chakra, and that she probably can’t keep that up for too much longer. Delta confirmed this. She then used the kids as a way to lure Naruto, deploying her triangular drone to scope out Boruto, attack him, and grab Himawari, tossing her into the air. Boruto’s Karma immediately activated as he flung a Vanishing Rasengan at Delta, but her drone’s eye could see the attack and she effortlessly absorbed it. She fired a beam at Himawari, who was still in the air, claiming that with this, her beams would hit for certain. She was right. Naruto leaped into the air to guard his daughter, but somebody else did as well. When the smoke cleared from the collision, Kawaki shielded Naruto and Himawari from the attack with his modified arm at the cost of that same arm. The limb began to disintegrate until it was no more. He pummeled into the ground, Naruto, Boruto, and Himawari all checking to see if he was okay. Kawaki told them that if Naruto goes down, it’s all over, so he had to do it.


“Anyway, about that vase. I say we’re even now. Right, Boruto?”

– Kawaki


   The episode closed out with Boruto telling Kawaki that this was no time to be thinking about the vase, while Delta became enraged at the fact that Kawaki would dare protect Himawari and Naruto.


“You damned bastards! Each and every one of you! Just how far are you gonna anger me until you’re satisfied?!”

– Delta


The next episode, Episode 199, hits May 16 titled, “Overload.”

More quotes from the episode:


“What I said includes Kawaki as well! The part about not laying a single grubby finger on him!”

– Naruto 

“I know all about you, Naruto Uzumaki. You’re the leader of Leaf shinobi. The Hokage, right? I’m very honored to meet you, but you’re in my way. Could you move aside? My business is with that kid behind you.”

– Delta

“The Hokage is taking the lead in this fight. It’s almost like they’re dancing. He’s leading Delta in a way to prevent attacks from coming our way, all while watching for his chance to get his own Jutsu in. In short, he’s got enough of an upper hand to do that. Which means the Hokage is more powerful than Delta. If it continues like this, the Hokage should win. As long as there isn’t any unnecessary interference, that is.”

– Kawaki

“Seems you’re just as much of a monster as me.”

– Delta