Chris Gardner presentation offers live question/response


Chris Gardner Gives Advice to Students

   Chris Gardner, famously portrayed by Will Smith in the Pursuit of HappYness, recently came to speak with students. Gardner is often considered “the greatest rags to riches story.” Gardner went from homelessness to being a professional investor and stockbroker. He is now an author and motivational speaker. Gardener is doing a national tour, taking time to speak with various high schools over Zoom. 

   On Thursday, May 6th, Gardner appeared virtually in the library after school. The afternoon event started with a pre-recorded speech from Gardner. In this speech, he explained three promises he made to himself that got him to the point where he is now. 

   His first decision was that his children would know their father. He had grown up without his real father, and his step father took every chance to remind him that they weren’t related. The second decision was that he was going to be the best at whatever he was doing. And if he couldn’t be the absolute best, he would still be better than the day before. His third decision was that he would do something bigger than what he did every day. He would do something unique and different. 

   He then went on to discuss how his mother inspired him throughout his life. Her words, “I can do anything with nothing,” were a constant reminder to him even as he struggled with poverty that he would succeed and do better. He then said how his mom never promised him success, but instead gave him “permission to dream.” He said that this showed him that he wouldn’t succeed without putting in the work. And with a net worth of 70 million dollars, Gardner certainly brought his dreams to reality.