Local survey shows COVID’s effects on mental health


   Tired by definition means “in need of sleep or rest; weary.” In most cases, this definition reigns true but not always. Being tired has many definitions in various cases such as simply being tired of school, responsibilities, or life. With COVID-19 keeping everyone stuck in their homes it has raised more health questions and concerns.

   Wanting to know how COVID has affected people emotionally and physically, I conducted a local survey comprising a variety of different questions to get the best and most accurate data. This survey had 101 responses, with ages ranging between 14 to 52. The survey contained 26 adults, 51 young adults (16-17), and 20 teens aged 15 or under.

   When asked “How much sleep do you get a night?” 56.1% of responses stated they get 5-7 hours of sleep. That is below the recommended amount for adults and teenagers. While 33.7% of people said they get less than 5 hours and the other 9% get 7-9 hours of sleep, 4 surveys left this question unanswered. Sleep deprivation, which is when you do not get the required amount of sleep, is something that can develop if you miss your required hours of sleep. People who develop sleep deprivation are less alert, become tired during the day, experience impaired ability to concentrate/think, and can suffer from depression and anxiety.

   When asked, “What aspects of health have been the most difficult to deal with?” 48% of people chose mental health. With COVID-19 invading personal norms and taking away human contact, it left people to deal with their health crisis on their own. With most people’s stress relievers restricted, they were left only with their stressors. Your mental health is important so improving it at all costs is what’s best. Some ways to combat those stressors in your life include working on getting a proper amount of sleep, eating healthy, and exercising regularly. Ironically, crying can also help improve your mental health because that is a form of expression. Acknowledging your feelings and expressing them is very helpful and healthy.

   Stress plays a huge role in mental health and it can disturb you in many ways, affecting your health. “What has been most stressful during COVID?” was the next question asked in the survey. For this particular question, people were able to choose more than one option: 73% of people chose motivation, 64% chose school, 46% chose time management, 20% chose work, and 5% chose other responses. Stress could be positive or negative. Positive stress is what we feel when we are excited, which can be beneficial. Negative stress causes anxiety and can sometimes lead to health problems. Lack of sleep can also affect the daily function of the brain and body. It is like a big cycle. If you stress, you will not get much sleep. If you do not get much sleep, you will stress.

   Exercise or meditation could be a helpful way to better your sleep and mental health; it also helps you with other medical issues. Removing “toxic” situations and distractions to your happiness is also a good idea. Some people can simply be “in the way” of your happiness and it is okay to limit them. All of the aspects of health affect each other.

   By starting to work on an aspect of yourself that you feel not so confident about, you will start to see the difference it makes in your everyday life. No matter where you start if you continue to grow and try, you will reach your goals and more. Sometimes, small steps are the biggest stride.  


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