Delta Makes Her Move – Boruto Episode 197 “Delta”



Chapter 30 Cover

  Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 197 has hit streaming platforms worldwide as of Sunday, May 2, and there’s a lot to talk about: a spar between two Karma users, Delta makes an abrupt infiltration, and the return of a character who hasn’t made an appearance in the story since episode 65, three years ago. This episode was given the title “Delta,” which differs from the title of the correlating chapter. Episode 197 adapts chapter 30 of its source material, the chapter in question being called “Face to Face.” Nevertheless, the events of the episode stay primarily true to the manga, for the most part.

   We open up with the newest addition to the Uzumaki residence, Kawaki, retrieving the bag of broken shards from the vase he broke back in episode 193. Per Boruto’s request, he tried putting it back together with superglue, but it was futile; the pieces just wouldn’t connect. Himawari joined Kawaki and watched him, telling him that the fact that he bought a new vase was suitable enough. Boruto listened in on the two’s conversation before entering the room, showing Kawaki his Karma mark and declaring that he’d help him learn the truths of it, much to Kawaki’s surprise. Kawaki told Boruto that he’ll show him everything he knows and that they’ll do it through actual combat, as Boruto seems to be able to use it better when under pressure.

   In this episode, we also see Kashin Koji as he stays hidden in the village. He remarks how troublesome Kawaki staying at the Hokage’s house is, and that he won’t be able to interfere due to it, although he didn’t plan on interfering anyway. He has an inner monologue where he says that he has high hopes for both Kawaki and Boruto. We then switch to the Kara hideout, where Code approached Amado, who was going through Kawaki’s data files on a computer. This scene was absent from the manga, making this an anime-only addition. Code asks if Amado has seen Jigen anywhere, in which Amado relayed what Jigen told him in episode 188: that he doesn’t want to be bothered and is recuperating. Amado then tells Code to go check on Boro, and that Jigen will be pleased by that.

   Additionally, Boruto and Kawaki do what they said they’d do: they sparred in order to learn the secrets of Karma. Himawari and Naruto join in the watch as well. Kawaki displayed his ability to harden his body to both attack and defend against Boruto’s shuriken, shadow doppelgangers, and Rasengan. After the bout, Naruto told them to perform the Seal of Reconciliation. When Boruto’s fingers make contact with Kawaki’s, he felt a surge throughout his body. He then saw a momentary vision of Momoshiki Otsutsuki, the man who left these parting words with him before his death:

“Can you sense my presence, human child? Now I understand. You have strongly inherited the power of the Otsutsuki. However, you are still inexperienced. You cannot see through your own destiny. I can see your destiny very clearly. Beware, those blue eyes shall eventually take everything from you. And know this. Those who defeat gods cannot remain ordinary individuals. Reflect upon thy fate as you proceed in life, human child.” 

   He felt a sharp pain in his body afterward, and his wounds from the earlier spar began to heal, noted by Kashin Koji. Koji states that he believes it was involuntarily, not deliberate, that it was definitely the result of Karma, not a scientific ninja weapon, and that he should probably keep an eye out for a little longer.

   Meanwhile Delta, who was left by her lonesome by Kashin Koji, ripped the bark off of a nearby tree in a rage over being sidelined. She removeed her cloak to reveal a triangular drone on her back. She was able to easily remove it. The device had an eye on it similar to her own that she could link her eyesight to if need be. She gave it the command to go find Kawaki for her. Once the boy was identified, Delta disregarded her fear of being spotted by the Yamanaka sensing unit and barged into the village using an ability of hers to transform her legs into rocket boosters. “That fool,” Kashin Koji said upon seeing her. “She decided to recklessly take action.” Ino Yamanaka immediately notified Naruto about unknown chakra entering the village, and Naruto quickly assumed that whoever it was was probably after Kawaki. He told the Police Force to stand down while also telling Boruto to take Himawari and get away, telling Kawaki to follow them, and that he’d take the threat on himself. However, before they could get away, Delta stormed down in front of the four, arms crossed, eyeing Kawaki.


“It seems you remember how sublime my punishment is, judging by the look on your face.” 


Credits to Ukyo Kodachi, the writer, Mikio Ikemoto, the artist, and Misashi Kishimoto, the supervisor, and creator of the franchise for the original manga source material. Episode 198 hits May 9th titled, “Monsters!” 

More quotes from the episode:

“I was wondering how heavy a guard he was being confined under. I really didn’t expect him to be living at the Hokage’s house. I get it. I won’t be able to just walk in and meddle. Not that I was planning on doing that, anyway. I have high hopes for you, Kawaki and Boruto Uzumaki.” – Kashin Koji

“That was Momoshiki Otsutsuki! Why did he appear just now?” – Boruto Uzumaki

“You wanna learn more about Karma, right? Fine. I’ll help you out.” – Boruto Uzumaki

“You can’t even properly activate it on your own, so quit acting tough.” – Kawaki

“I’m so peeved, I’m about to pass out! I feel like I wanna slaughter somebody, anybody!” 

– Delta