How we make our lives matter


   Dr. Christina Warden is a therapist and an educator who helps individuals in hospice care, an area in the healthcare industry that administers to sick or terminally ill patients. In her past she had worked in domestic violence  and rape/sexual assault in 1999.

  In a seminar on April 21, she talked about a man named Matthew O’Reilly who was an EMT and recorded what some of his patients said before they died. The main thing that the people said was, “Did my life have meaning?” The patients would then go on to say the things they regretted, but they were calm, they weren’t freaking out. The overall messages: Who do we need to forgive? How do we want to be remembered? Did our life matter?

   Dr. Warden stated that the answers to those questions can only be answered by you. 

   Another thing that was talked about is that our lives matter. Whether that be if we are tired, scared and have no control, or when you are faced with a task that seems so daunting and everything in you says, “I can’t.”   The main idea of the seminar was to figure out how to take care of yourself and love yourself. One thing Dr. Warden stressed was finding a space to calm yourself. That could be your front porch, your bedroom maybe a park outside, but when you find that space you should protect that space and not let anyone else ruin it. Then after that you should remember you matter by reading some quotes that remind you that you should exist or talk to friends who can help you know that you matter.