Students invited to return to full-day instruction starting April 19


LOCAL- The RPS205 district has offered the opportunity to finish the school year fully in-person to grades K-12, starting Monday, April 19. Although students will still have the choice to be full-time remote, the district thinks going back to in-person classes will be beneficial. The district stated that this will give students a “better level of consistency” and hopefully improve student engagement and grades due to the additional instruction in-person. Along with this, the district has stated that the Illinois State Board of Education and Illinois Department of Public Health “supports the return to in-person instruction as soon as practicable in each community.” They are working with health professionals to develop a plan for the transition. 

   What this will look like for all schools is the mandatory mask-wearing and the health and safety protocols being followed. Bus routes will be limited to 48 passengers. In school students will have to remain in small groups whenever possible. Middle and high school students can attend a full day, in-person, four days each week. Wednesdays will still be shortened. Fully remote students will follow a full-day regular bell schedule. Within elementary schools, the students will either continue remotely full-time or continue to attend in-person. Early childhood centers have no plans to change their current schedule this year. To make any changes to student attendance, whether it be changing from fully remote to in-person or vice versa, parents or guardians must contact their school’s main office by the end of the day Monday, April 5.