Annie Hobson hosts “All I do is win,” addresses cycle of violence

Annie Hobson hosts

   Annie Hobson is a youth services manager at the Rockford Family Peace Center. She graduated from Auburn High School in 2003. She has a bachelor’s degree in social work and a masters degree in human services. Hobson has made it her mission to end the cycle of violence with relationships and friendships in teens. 

     “Adolescents try on many different hats to see which one fits.” said Mrs. Hobson. “Kids, teens especially, try to find and create their own identity to see which one fits them best. Many people also get influence from the environment, cultures, traditions, and families.”

   “It is best to set ‘squad goals,’” Mrs. Hobson said. 

   Squad goals are the friends that you surround yourself with, and there are several things you should consider when making a ‘squad.’ 

    Your squad should support you and encourage you, care about your feelings, think of your needs and wants, be honest with you, admit when you are wrong, and ask you how you are and what you want. But when these things aren’t met, domestic violence can sometimes occur. The Rockford Police Department has had 5,420 domestic violence related cases. In 2017 there were 29% of domestic violence cases. In 2018 there were nine domestic violence related murders in Winnebago County.  

   Mrs. Hobson also mentioned that there are many forms of this type of violence, such as verbal, social, emotional, and physical violence. Mrs. Hobson said, “Domestic violence doesn’t just happen in places of poverty.” Even in the richest of neighborhoods violence can still happen. 

   Also, domestic violence happens to people of the LGBTQIA community, including 43.8% of lesbians and 61.1% bisexual women. 

   The most important thing to keep in mind is that your friends and people you trust should do these five things; care about your feelings, be honest with you, ask you for help, admit fault, think of your needs and wants, and most importantly support you. 

   If you need help and are going through any type of domestic abuse you can call the Family Peace Center at 779-348-7600.