“Shatter Our Silence” seminar sheds light on teen suicide

   In this week’s seminar, Mr. Kevin Polky came back to talk to students about how to deal with someone who is wanting to commit suicide, how to prevent it from happening, and how to spot when someone is having suicidal ideation (which means a person is contemplating suicide). Mr. Polky hosts a podcast called The Journey in which he talks about mental health. He founded Four Corners of Wellness in 2010 which has evolved into a company that produces workshops and training, business consulting and executive coaching. In 2016 he founded Shatter Our Silence to educate young adults about what leads to teen suicide.

   Mr. Polky talked about how suicide is complex, and how not all people will show all the same signs. He said, “The warning signs are talking about wanting to die; talking like there is no reason to live; talking about feeling trapped; change or behavior or mood swings.”

   There were also questions he asked students about suicide and if we knew anyone who had commited or thought about suicide. Many of the students in attendance, as well as me, could admit to knowing people who have commited or thought about suicide. There are also things that lead to suicide as well, such as sexual assault before the age of 18 and issues with body image. The number one cause for suicide is mental illness, specifically depression. It was a very important seminar to go to for anyone who needs help or who has had a close experience with suicide.