Republicans propose to lower virus aid


WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden’s plan is to invest $1.9 trillion in coronavirus aid into the economy, as the money will be distributed throughout various causes like distributing vaccines, virus testing, hospitals, schools, and for the Paycheck Protection Program business aid. Next week on Monday, Mr. Biden will meet with a group of 10 Republican senators who propose to lower aid down to $618 billion. As huge as the original plan is, this new one will cut out more households from receiving direct payments and avoid any costly city or state. This does show Republicans are willing to work with Biden; but Democrats are getting increasingly worried of taking too much time to resolve these issues that it ends in delaying plans or diminishing the outcome.


(Compiled from Associated Press News for the Guilford Voyager by Anthony Paez, original reporting by Aamer, Lisa Mascaro, and Josh Boak)