Almost There: Five Easy Hacks To Improve Your Style!


   When it comes to fashion, we often feel as if our outfit is just missing that one piece to really take it to the next level. Either it is a specific jacket, cool socks, or those blue jeans you saw from PacSun the other day. Little additions to your overall outfit can completely make or break your appearance for the day and the confidence you have wearing it. Below are five things, for either gender, that are sure to add a bit of flair to your fit and give you that ideal look you are going for.


   Flannel shirts have been making an extreme comeback lately. They did have a gradual decline in the late 80s and early 90s, but they are back, and more people than ever are adoring the look of the checkered stripes. Flannels come in unlimited color combinations and are an easy add-on to make. While being lightweight, soft, and having multiple variations of ways to wear them, they make for the perfect affordable addition.


   Earrings have been around forever. For decades, all genders have enjoyed them and the little shine they bring to your ear. Only recently have they become more socially acceptable for men to show their taste and rock more dangly and outgoing ear wear. Crosses are an instant hit nowadays because of their simplistic yet amazing way to make anyone look like they came straight out of a Vanity Fair magazine. Whether it is crosses, hoops, or studs, making that decision to take a second of pain will keep you fly for eternity. 

Dad Hats

   No, these are not the hats your dad used to wear to every soccer game when you were four. screaming and yelling while you were falling on your face, or maybe they are? Dad hats do so much good it would be a disservice to not include them on the list. A great thing about these is you can wear them straight out of the store, or put your own spin on them with custom embroidery, bedazzlement, and custom artwork. We all know fitted hats took over 2020, with that trend dying down from most people the shift to something new will happen quickly. Messy hair days are easily a non-factor when you add dad hats, as well as giving you an urban look that does just enough to minimize the attention on your head. It also shows the dedication you spent thrifting through every outlet looking for the least expensive colorway hat to match that one top you have.

Chelsea Boots

   Okay, I know what you are thinking… “ I am not wearing those Chelsea boots out on the streets!” Well, hear me out first. Chelsea boots add an entire level of creativity to the rest of your clothes and show you are not able to be boxed in the usual sneaker heavy norm. Chelsea boots show a certain level of elegance and maturity that will be sure to get people aware of you. Why keep chasing after every pair of retro Jordans to go with those ripped jeans when a pair of Chelsea boots are waiting for you at your local retailer? These are the perfect balance between high fashion heels and casual sneakers. Let go of what you thought was the norm; this is in, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

Stacked Rings

   This is probably my favorite quick and easy way to make an outfit ten times better. Stacked rings quite simply look marvelous. Why have one ring on only one finger per hand when you can have multiple little hoops on every finger? Honestly, stacked rings add that bit of flair that makes you truly look like a modern-day fashionista. Especially when you mix and match different types of rings together. Just make sure you have a place to keep them all safe when you’re not wearing them because they can be quite hard to keep hold of. Some great places to shop for affordable rings are TopShop, BooHoo, and Kay Jewelers outlet.