Album Review: Tickets to my downfall by Machine Gun Kelly

Album Review: Tickets to my downfall by Machine Gun Kelly

   Tickets to my downfall is an unexpected, unusual, and highly addictive album created by musical artist Machine Gun Kelly. With his past music mostly focusing on rap and hip hop music, a new punk rock album would be something you would least expect. However, there are still elements of his past with hip hop music in some of his songs, most noticeably on the track “drunk face.” Most tracks on the album, however, have a much more noticeable difference from his previous albums, with more of a focus on guitar and drums to give it an authentic punk rock sound. 

   The album starts off with the song “title track.” The song begins with a slower acoustic guitar with Machine Gun Kelly singing in a softer tone, then abruptly changes to a fast paced, over the top jam. MGK sings about how people want him dead and wish for his “downfall,” which sets the tone for the rest of the song. Following that, “kiss kiss” and “drunk face” are mostly about his past and his addiction to drugs and alcohol with lines such as “I kept my dealer’s number.” 

   The next few songs talk about his past relationships and how he wants to forget them. These songs feature other big artists, such as Halsey on the song “forget me too” and Trippie Redd on “all I know.” The album then takes a turn with the song “lonely.” The song starts off again with soft and slow acoustic guitar playing, which then cuts to drums and an electric guitar, but still manages to keep the same tempo throughout the song. Here MGK expresses his pain for the loss of his father earlier this year.

   Next come “WWIII” and “concert for aliens” which return to the punk rock nature of the album. Following this is a pop song titled “my ex’s best friend” with artist blackbear, reaching high up on the top charts. The rest of the album features extra punk rock songs, except for the song “play this when i’m gone.” This song is more of a message to anyone who loves Machine Gun Kelly for who he is, and in the event that he passes, he wants them to play this song as a message that it’s okay to cry and that he will always be with them in their heart.

   Overall, this album was an incredible experience that I would personally recommend to others. It manages to combine so many emotions that work perfectly well together, from the slower sad tempo from “play this when i’m gone” to the absolute rage and fast-paced energy that comes from “WWIII.”