“Just you and the road.” Joys, challenges of car ownership


Griffen Ridley (right) and friend perform brake work on his Nissan Maxima.

   For many students, a huge leap in having more freedom is the day they no longer have to rely on riding the bus to school or getting a lift from Mom or Dad. What day is this? It is the day they get to drive to school, preferably in their very own car.  

   Senior Esteban Castanon is the proud owner of a 2015 Dodge Charger RT that he bought with his own money. He worked on the car throughout the summer and made modifications to the exhaust. Best of all, the community of people he has met who share his interest in upgrading their vehicles has been friendly and inviting.

   “The stuff I like about fixing cars were the bonds I got from it and the community,” said Castanon. 

   Griffen Ridley, senior, is another student who has bought a car. He is currently making monthly payments on his 2014 Nissan Maxima. 

   “Insurance is definitely higher because I am a teenager,” said Ridley. “Owning a car allows me to do things like go to work or get food without having to rely on a friend or family member for a ride.”

   Andrew Lara, junior, likes the turbo and paint on his 2008 Subaru STI hatchback, although it has leaking issues with both the turbo and the head gasket. He enjoys the freedom and opportunities that come with owning a car. 

   “When you are driving it feels as if the car is healing you,” said Lara. “Taking away all your problems. It is just you and the road.”