KISS 5 (Deluxe) Review: K Camp’s tales of love and intimacy


   K Camp is a rapper who originates from Atlanta, Georgia and has made a name for himself as a staple of modern day Atlanta hip hop/R&B and is becoming a household name in the music industry. He is known for huge records such as “Lottery (Renegade)” which is one of the biggest songs in the history of Tiktok, “Comfortable” (peaking at #54 on the billboard Hot 100), “Money Baby”, and recently “Whats on your mind” featuring Jacquees, one of the headlines of his sensational new project KISS 5. K Camp is an artist who is known by many, but is yet to reach that superstar stardome that he so rightly deserves. His music is filled with tales on life, relationships, and the struggle of adjusting to fame and notoriety. KISS 5 is the fifth and final sequel of a series K Camp began in 2011 with KISS I. Since then fans have been anticipating them heavily for their vivid tales of love and intimacy within the tracks. This latest edition doesn’t disappoint. 

   The album starts off with “Regret (intro)” and is headlined by Jasmine Covington on the vocals really setting the mood for a chill, relaxed yet impactful project. This track isn’t too heavy yet serves its purpose as an appetizer for what’s ahead.  Still a top 5 song from the project overall.  

   Following that up is my personal favorite off the album, “Fall in Line”. This track contains one of those dreamy, mind controlling types of instrumentals that instantly make you gravitate to the music. This track is about telling women living that fast life to slow down and that everything will be alright, while expressing that if you stay with him, if they stay with him, they’ll be treated better than they ever were before. When you listen it just puts you in an unexplainable aura that can’t be matched. 

   “Tatted up”, “What’s on your mind”, and “Trill Love” come next in which is probably one of the best 5-6 song stretches in albums of 2020. These tracks follow the main aesthetic as the rest, dabbling on the main themes of the project. Ice Cold is the biggest single off this project as it was first teased with an instagram video posted from Camp himself. The song was eagerly awaited and so far has been viewed over 16 million times on YouTube while being on the platform a mere 11 months. The song is beloved for his simplistic lyrics yet immaculate vibe that draws your attention. In the song he recites

   “I shoot shots like Reggie Miller 

Girl, you look so familiar

She a bad one, she love Christian

She love diamonds, pay attention

Can I have you? Girl, I want you

Girl, I need you

Thought I had you, then you left me

Get my snipe on, feel like Wesley

Feel like Wesley, tryna love you if you let me.”

   Entering the deluxe portion (additional songs released later) of the album it begins with “ARI” a reference to Chicago rapper G Herbo ex girlfriend, Ari Fletcher, after she recently received a Lamborghini truck from her current boyfriend MoneyBagg Yo. The song just talks about if you want the finer things in life from him, you must prove it with your loyalty and faithfulness to Camp. This song was also teased by an instagram video and is sure to make an appearance on the Billboard charts soon. 

   With features from Jacquees, Yung Bleu, Jeremih and Tink, this album did not disappoint and is currently my album of the year. Unlike most albums from hip hop artists, this project did not feel rushed in the slightest and sounded like many hours of mixing and engineering went into it to perfect the wanted sound. This was definitely an album I would recommend to anyone who enjoys the Trap/R&B sound and certainly a piece I see standing the test of time.