Students take on next generation of gaming consoles


   With the next generation of consoles coming in less than a month, many gamers have begun to talk about what this means for the future of gaming. The Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5 (PS5) both come out in the same week, the Series X on the 10th of November, and the PS5 on the 12th of the same month. Both of these consoles are going to innovate the way games look and play, whether that is through super fast load times, the Playstation’s new controller, or the incredible looking graphics coming to both consoles.

   Junior Tim Morris has been playing on Playstation for the past few console generations, and has chosen to pre-order the PS5.

   “I am excited for what both of these consoles are bringing to the table,” said Morris. “For PlayStation, I am excited for their exclusives, and for The series X, I am excited for how graphically powerful it is gonna be.”

   This exciting time for gamers can also be an expensive one. Both of the basic versions of each console are $499.99, and both companies also offer cheaper alternatives. 

   “For what you get it’s fairly priced,” said Morris. “I have played on PlayStation my entire life, and a lot of my friends are getting it, so I decided to get one.”

   With every new console generation, a debate sparks among gamers on social media on which console is better. A lot of the time, these debates can get very heated and can cause a good amount of problems for people who just want to play games. These debates have been deemed the ‘console wars’ in the past.

   Matthew Bakus, sophomore, has preordered the Xbox Series X. Matthew has played on PC recently, but has purchased a Series X to play with his friends.

   “Personally, I think the whole console wars are pointless,” said Bakus. “Both consoles have their perks, all the fighting started from Microsoft and Sony having professional competition, and now players are being toxic towards each other.”

   Most players just have their preference, whether that is because of Playstation’s high quality exclusives like God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and The Last of Us, or Xbox’s slightly better graphics, players have a lot to be excited for in the coming weeks.

   “I am excited for ray tracing, the ray tracing in game is going to look stunning,” said Matthew, “and Playstation’s exclusives and console customization is something to look forward to.”