“Friends” vs. “That 70’s Show:” Two different looks at the past


   Friends, a popular sitcom first aired in 1994, is very talked about and liked, mostly by teens. Its final episodes were released in 2004 and had a total of 10 seasons. Others may enjoy watching That 70’s Show, which was first aired in 1988, which is another popular old show that is now commonly watched by teens as well. The final episodes were last aired in 2006 with 8 seasons.  

   A word to describe how people like one show over the other is “better.” Some believe the humor can be better, the characters, or the story line. It could also be around the time period of the show that helps the watcher connect to the characters or the references.

   “I prefer That 70’s Show,”  said Elianna Cabello, junior. “I like the characters and jokes more than I do Friends. I think I like them more because I’m around the same age and get their sense of humor.”

   Choosing the preferred sitcom can be fun and enjoyable; however, families also enjoy sharing the show and bringing back memories that they had from it in the past. It’s exciting to have a show passed down from parents to kids.

   “I have to say That 70’s Show, we normally watch it as a family,” said Nicole Facer, sophomore. “I like that show better because it makes me laugh and brings a sense of comfort that comes from the past.”

  For some, what makes a good show could be the people who play the role of a character. Having a person who you like as an actor in the show can make it more exciting to watch and make the show more popular. If the actors are good at what they are doing, it makes the content have better quality as well.

   “Friends, I just watched it more,” said Jenesis Burris, sophomore. “It has Jennifer Aniston in it and she’s one of my favorite actors.”

   Even though some have only seen one sitcom and not the other does not mean they will not like it. People can hear good reviews on both sides and take interest in it. One will never know if they like it unless they try it.

   “I like Friends better because I actually finished it,” said Khaleed George, sophomore. “I think I’d like That 70’s Show. I haven’t tried watching it, I will now.”