On a binge: best shows and movies to help you survive COVID-19


Alexandria Bauer, Sophomore: “I have been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy because I would like to go into anesthesiology for my future career, and that is a medical show that you can learn a lot from if you pay attention.”

Antonio Hawthorne-Sanchez, Sophomore: “I am binge watching All American. It is based on the real NFL player, Spencer Paysinger. The tv show had great reviews and got more popular when it arrived on Netflix with its 2 seasons. The third season might come in late 2020 or early 2021.”

Maren Blakeney, Sophomore: “The English Game and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. These are two very different shows; English Game is live action, Clone Wars is animated, English Game is historical fiction, Clone Wars is sci-fi, and they’re both aimed at very different age groups. I really enjoy the history behind The English Game and the acting is really good. The Clone Wars is a show that I have been watching sporadically over the years, seeing random episodes in no particular order, so I’m really excited to get to see them all in order!”

Owen Luenemann, Sophomore: “I have watched my fair share of shows including The Walking Dead, Tiger King, and Don’t F***K With Cats. I am just a person who doesn’t enjoy excessive fee time so i keep busy.”

Kali Sjostek, Sophomore: “A show that I’ve been binge-watching during quarantine is Criminal Minds. I really like this show because it’s super suspenseful and has a lot of twisted thinking. Every show’s plot is completely different than episodes before and the point of view is very unique. I probably watch around 6-10 episodes a day.”

Aiden Brown, Sophomore: “I am currently binge watching Family Guy, I like watching it because of the referential gags it shows most of the time.”

Mikali Gawronski, Sophomore: “Right now, I’m rewatching Vampire Diaries. I watched it with my friends a while ago, but never finished it. I like it because of all of the fictional characters.”

Zoe Stephenson, Sophomore: “Recently I have been binge watching American Horror Story. One thing I like about the show is each season has a different storyline so you dont get bored of the show.”

Zane Cattage, Sophomore: “I have been binge watching this anime called The Seven Deadly Sins and I’m really enjoying it.”

Isabella Mihm, Sophomore: “I’ve been binge watching Outer Banks on Netflix, I watched the whole season in a day and a half. It’s a really fun and creative show.”

Delaney Nambo, Sophomore: “The show that i’m currently binge watching Sunny With a Chance. I like this show because it’s an old Disney show, and it’s from my childhood and I haven’t in a while but they just put it back on Disney Plus.”

Christine Rivers, Sophomore: “I have been binge watching Money Heist, I like it because it has all the components a good show needs. Action, drama, and romance.”

Magnus Swanson, Senior: “I’ve been binging Sons of Anarchy recently, I just enjoy the story and actors a lot.”

Julia Meyers, Freshman: “I am binging Stranger Things. I like how it keeps you on edge like a thriller and I really like the storyline.”Keaton Haynie, Sophomore: “I started binge watching the show NCIS and another show called Bones. I already knew I loved Bones but getting to watch it all the way through was nice. They are both kind of like crime fighting T.V shows.”