Keeping busy: new & renewed hobbies during pandemic


Baraa Thanoon, Sophomore: “I used to bake and cook when I had time before, but now I have so much free time. This is my new hobby: cooking and baking! I actually enjoy it because sometimes you have to be creative. You don’t always have to look up a recipe, you can make your own!”

Jayden Hurston, Sophomore: “I’ve started making more videos on youtube. My channel is Tuvic. Drop a sub.”

Delaney Nambo, Sophomore: “A new hobby that i have started is Painting and an old hobby that i have started again is design some clothes. I like to do both of these because it keeps me busy and entertained.”

Maren Blakeney, Sophomore:  I’ve started learning Russian again.

Alexandria Bauer, Sophomore: I have been running a lot because it gets your heart pumping and it’s something to do to get out of the house. It’s also spring so all the trees are turning color and it’s very beautiful to look at as you move past them.

Owen Luenemann, Sophomore: “Over this pandemic I’ve found that picking up working out is very helpful and healthy. I’ve been working out every day of the week Monday through Friday and it just makes me feel better.”

Aiden Brown, Sophomore: “I have continued my hobby on gaming, I enjoy it because it is one of the only things I can do during quarantine.”

Zoe Stephenson, Sophomore: “One hobby I’ve picked up during quarantine is skateboarding. I like it because you can always learn new tricks and it’s pretty easy to get the basics.”

Antonio Hawthorne-Sanchez, Sophomore: “I have resumed completing my video games since the virus is going around for I don’t know how long.”