Eight seniors secure Rockford U. Education Pathway Scholarships


   On February 19th, the Service Academy hosted a signing celebration for eight seniors who were selected for the Rockford University Education Pathway scholarship. The students included Edith Arroyo, Madison Bruno, Paige Bruno, Dejan Kuljanin, Guadalupe Moreno, Skyler Mathis, Ana Medina, and Keaton Schnidt.

   Staff were present in the celebration, applauding the students as they began their journey of preparation for college education. Every year, there are only twenty twenty open spots for this prestigious scholarship open to RPS 205 students, and GHS secured eight of them, taking nearly half.

   “To enter the pathway students have to submit an essay on why you want to be a teacher and three letters of recommendation,” said Skyler Mathis, senior. “After you submit those they set up an interview to ask you some questions and get to know who you are. My favorite part was the interview, the people were so nice and we laughed a lot throughout the whole thing. I would definitely say that it is hard work, but once you get your letter of acceptance it’s all worth it. I have had so much fun already with the celebrations we’ve had and made new friends who also got accepted. This pathway is definitely the way to go if you want to be a teacher.”

   Originally introduced in the spring of 2016, the Education Pathway students first began enrolling in the new program in the fall of 2017. The Education Pathway program’s essential goal has always been to attract RPS 205 students to a teaching career and specifically to stay and work in our area. The program begins in the middle school with seventh and eighth graders discussing a teaching career. It continues in high school with an education pathway. 

   “When I first received news that I got the scholarship, I felt relieved. Like a whole weight fell off my shoulders. I felt accomplished,” said Guadalupe Moreno, senior. “I’ve always known that I wanted to be in the field of education, but thanks to my academy pathway teachers and my counselor, I was informed of the pathway at Rockford University.  It includes a reduction in tuition, a guaranteed future employment with RPS, and a free Masters in Urban Education. I actually plan on teaching in the RPS 205 district. For those wanting to pursue this career path, don’t let the negative comments of others tear you down. I’ve had many criticisms of wanting to become a teacher, and it’s not the best feeling in the world. But if it’s something that you’re passionate about, go for it because we need more teachers like that.”

   These students will be joining RPS 205 as educators in the future, as they signed off their intent to serve our community as future teachers by participating in the Rockford University Education Pathway. It includes discounted tuition at Rockford University, future employment with the Rockford Public Schools, and if hired, program graduates can also receive a master’s degree in urban education cost-free from Education Pathway RPS.