#Harmonics a cappella group proceeds to semi finals


   Guilford’s #Harmonics (pronounced “Sharp Harmonics”) a cappella group recently traveled down to Illinois State University to compete in the International Competition of High School A Cappella (ICHSA). The group has competed in the competition for the last five years. The judges only announce first through fourth placements, and the first two groups advance to the semi finals. This year, the harmonics group came in second place, and will be going onto semi-finals in Dayton, Ohio, in March. If they place in the semi-finals, the group will go onwards to New York. 

   “I’ve been involved with sharp harmonics since November, but the group has been around for more than five years,” said Agius Adamany, junior. “Everyone’s super excited about going to the semi-finals, and it honestly still doesn’t feel real. We’re scheduled to sing on the radio, and we already have sung with Emily Bear and in the talent show here at Guilford. This all used to be just an afterschool thing, but now it’s become a lot bigger.  It takes a lot to be a member of the club. I practice daily and at home. Even then we have trouble sometimes because there are only two bassists, so it’s hard to balance out everyone’s voices.”

   There are also special awards for the best arrangement (how the songs are written for the choir), best vocal percussion (like beat boxing), best solo performance, and best choreographer. The group won two special awards, including Trentin Woodard’s Best Vocal Percussion for the entire set, and Joy Murphy’s Best Arrangement for her mash-up of “Rumor Has It” by Adele, and “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes. Both Allison Wilson and Teaunn Lucas were also in the running for best soloist.

   “For my first time down to ISU, it was so much fun being with all of my friends and performing,” said Allison Wilson, senior. “Everyone is beyond excited to perform in March and I’m so proud of us. We’ve got a great group of talented people, and everyone enjoys performing. There’s a lot involved and we practice twice a day usually. As a member of sharp harmonics, I think I bring a positive energy to the group.”

   The group consists of percussion, sopranos, altos, bassists, and tenors; and is currently preparing for the competition in March, eagerly awaiting a placement so they can continue to New York. 

   “We had a lot of returning members this year, and since the competition started earlier, as a group it took a lot of effort to pull everything together,” said Mrs. Olivia Mikulay, Choir teacher and  #Harmonics Director. “Everyone is really excited, and all the hard work has honestly paid off. Encouraging the students to be creative was really important in our success, and I love how much ownership the students take in the group. We’ve got some really driven kids to work with. They keep each other in check and are a very mature working group.”

   The group has been cited as being incredibly driven, and is proud of the work they have put into their performances. Anticipation only grows as to what will happen in March in Dayton. Regardless of the outcome, the group will strive to be the best it can, representing students’ dedication to the club. 

   “When I first started up sharp harmonics five years ago we had a smaller group, along with simpler sets and choreography,” said Mrs. Mikulay. “And now we have come so far that I am simply amazed at what we have accomplished.”