All I wanted for Christmas: Students describe their favorite gifts


Ruth Arroyo

Sophomore Abdul Al-Sammarraie shows off his Nikes, a prized Christmas gift.

‘Twas the season of gift giving and receiving. 

   This year there was a variety of gifts given to Guilford students. The Christmas season is an exciting time of year for most families. The celebrations, including gifts, typically start on December 24th and continue on to December 25th. Exchanging gifts is a fun way to make memories among family and friends, while also spending time together. Participating in Secret Santa is also a fun way to get the holiday spirit.  Christmas gifts can vary from extravagant to modest, but the most important thing is that they are appreciated by the receiver.

   “My family bought a yacht for all of our family this Christmas,” said Ava Dewey, sophomore. “I am very excited to use it this summer at our lake house.” 

   The most commonly bought gifts are items that are trending. Although trending gifts may go out of style or fashion, they are great go-to gifts to buy.

   “This Christmas I got a pair of birkenstocks,” said Bailey Madison, freshman. “I’ve been wanting some for a while now and am really excited to wear them when the weather gets warmer.”

   Some people receive gifts based on their favorite foods, shows, or stores.

    “My favorite Christmas gift was a Rugrats hoodie from my parents,” said Esteban Castanon, Junior, “because I have really been wanting one and I used to watch the show all the time when I was younger.”

   Besides clothing, one of the most popular gifts is electronic devices.    

   “The best gift I received for Christmas this year was a Google Nest Mini” said Edith Arroyo, senior. “I really like it because it helps me organize my day while also acting as a speaker for my music.”

   Even though receiving electronics is extremely popular, it’s just as exciting to receive something that you have been needing, whether it be clothing apparel.  

   “This year my parents got me a pair of Nike shoes for Christmas.” said Abdul Al-Sammarraie, sophomore. “I’m just happy that I don’t have to buy my own pair anymore.”