KISS Destroyer: Review of a vinyl classic


   KISS is my favorite band because they are a big part of my family. I grew up listening to them since my dad has been a fan ever since he was born. My parents even had a KISS cake at their wedding!

    On March 15,1976, the KISS album Destroyer was released. The rehearsals for this album started in August 1975. The first recording sessions took place in September 3-6,1975 at Electric Lady Studios in New York City during a brief break between the Dressed to Kill and Alive! tours. The majority of the recording sessions for Destroyer took place in January 1976 after the Alive! Tour. This album was the third most successful KISS album to reach the top 40 in the U.S. and the first to chart in Germany and New Zealand. Destroyer is the fourth studio album by KISS; it is by Casablanca Records. The cover art was painted by Ken Kelly, and the producer was Bob Ezrin. Paul Stanley later compared the experience of working with Bob as a “musical boot camp,” but he said the group “came out a lot smarter for it.” Gene Simmons stated,”It was exactly what we needed at the time” and he went on to explain how the band didn’t know what they were doing. (All factual information for this story was found at

      The songs on this album are “Detroit Rock City,” “King of the Night Time World,” ”God of Thunder,” ”Great Expectations,” ”Flaming Youth,” ”Shout it out Loud,” “Beth,””Sweet Pain,” and “Do You Love Me.”  The songs on this album that are most known are “Detroit Rock City,” ”God of Thunder,” and “Shout it out Loud.” My favorites are,”God of Thunder” and “Detroit Rock City.” 

   The band went on tour from April 23, 1976-September 12, 1976. This tour had a number of 57 shows and was also known as  the “Spirit of ‘76 Tour.” The August 20 show in Anaheim, California, was the most famous show of the whole tour. The band played to over 42,000 people, the biggest US crowd the band had ever played in front of. Now the band is going on their final tour ever called, “The End of the Road.”
    People from across the world still listen to this album today and you can still find it in stores. It will forever remain a classic.