The Do Something Club: Creating fun for the Community


 The Do Something Club started this fall. Ms.Annelise Hemesath, freshman biology teacher, is the adviser of the club. The club is a nationwide non-profit organization founded by Andrew Shue and Michael Sanchez in 1993 in New York. The school’s first club meeting was November 13, but students are welcome to join at anytime. They meet every other Tuesday and Wednesday, once a week in room 148 from 3:45pm-4:30pm. 

   The club plans to do many things this year to help the community: making cards for veterans and activity books for children in hospitals, and creating an informational video about the risks of vaping. They also plan to make cyber bullying posters to put up around the school. Their main point while doing these things is to make students and staff aware of what is going on in school and the community. The organization’s motto is “Take action, build community, do good.”

  “I was finding ways to earn scholarships and came across the Do Something Club’s website.” said Jenesis Burris, sophomore. “I took an online course on how to become a club leader and figured out it’s a great way to earn scholarships.”

   The nationwide organization club’s goal is to address the common issues found in all types of communities. This is a perfect way to get involved with the community. Students can also use it as a way to earn scholarships and volunteer hours.

   “Jenesis is my best friend and she told me about it over the summer,” said Khalid George, sophomore. “It’s really just something I do to get out of the house.”  

   Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the Do Something club.

   “Jenesis brought the idea up to me in the middle of October,” said Ms. Hemesath. “She was interested in starting up the club here at Guilford and she took the training over the summer to do so.”