Students protest the N-word


  On October 29 through November 1, Guilford High School celebrated its first Halloween themed spirit week, organized by the For the Cultural Club. Friday, November 1 was Blackout Day, in which students were encouraged to wear black clothes. Additionally, the club organized a special theme for a silent protest against the over-usage of the N-word. The protest took place because students were complaining that the word is used too frequently in passing periods and classrooms. Their plan was to try to spread awareness about the protest by duct taping their mouths shut.

   “Since it was the student’s voice, they wanted the black duct tape to represent black people and African Americans,” said Mrs. Daval, health and club supervisor. “We came up with a slip to show teachers, and it went uphill from there; the students wanted to help promote the awareness of the N-word and how it makes not just African Americans, but all students feel.”

   While Blackout Day was the main focus for spirit week, students participated in other themes on Monday through Thursday. Monday was Heritage Day; students wore traditional clothing of their heritage. On Tuesday, Athlete’s Day, students wore jerseys, activewear, and sports apparel that represents the school’s extracurricular activities or favorite team. Wednesday was Historical Day, and students wore costumes or dress wear of historic figures of the past.  On Thursday, Halloween, students celebrated Superhero Day, where shirts and capes of student’s favorite Marvel or DC characters were allowed.


“I think it’s great for students to be creative and enjoy some of the festivities and have our way to express ourselves.” said Xavier Davis, senior. “ it’s more fun that way for everyone since we all want to have our own freedom”.