Athlete in the Spotlight: Johnny Sarmiento


   This year, Varsity Boys Soccer has been nothing short of amazing. With a record of 15-6, boys soccer exceeded all expectations for their season. Two months ago, senior goalkeeper for the team, Jonny Sarmiento played outstandingly to help the team win against East and Boylan. Both teams were undefeated in penalty kick shootouts. This lead the boys to a first place victory in the Nic-10 soccer standings. Sarmiento also was awarded WREX’s Athlete of the Week. 

   “I love being a goalie for my team,” said Sarmiento. “It’s a different job and it’s a really important job, it’s my role.”

   Boys soccer had so many things to be proud of  and even more memorable moments made from this season.  

   “My most proudest moment is the East and Boylan games,” said Sarmiento. “Also winning Nic-10 was something we worked really hard for and accomplished. My most memorable moment was when we were scoring Pk’s against Boylan.”

   Jonny is also committed to college for next school year and plans to continue playing soccer. 

   “I’m committing to Rock Valley this upcoming week for next year,” said Sarmiento. “I plan on playing soccer while I’m there, too.”

   Luke Anderson was the Varsity Boys head coach and has trained Jonny for the past three seasons. 

   “I’ve had the opportunity to coach Jonny for three seasons at Guilford,” said Coach Anderson. “He’s always been a great goalie. But these last two years he has developed not only as a player but as a leader. Being one of our captains this year, he set high expectations for himself as well as the team.” 

   Mr. Anderson had a very skilled team with many  accomplishments this past season and Jonny played a big role. 

   “One of Jonny’s (and the team’s) greatest moments of the season was beating Boylan in sudden death penalty kick’s to remain undefeated in conference,” said Mr. Anderson. “Jonny was instrumental in this game. Not only did we shut out Boylan over 100 minutes of regulation, Jonny saved two of their PK’s AND made his shot, a remarkable achievement.”