Change in bus drop off point sparks different reactions from students



Students make their way from the new bus drop-off to the main entrance.

   Every Guilford student who rides the bus has noticed the new bus drop off point this year. In past years, buses have dropped off students at the circle drive by the front door. Starting this year, however, the buses are dropping students off at the fieldhouse parking lot.

   “The reason that we moved the drop-off point is because it’s much faster to exit [from the field house parking lot],” said Principal Ronald (Gus) Carter.

   This change has brought mixed reactions from students. Some, such as Salvador Salas-Godinez, grade 11, feel unaffected by the change.

   “It’s alright,” said Salas-Godinez. “It doesn’t really bother me.”

   Other students strongly dislike the change.

   “I hate it,” said Amyalie Hall, sophomore. “It’s annoying. It’s annoying because it’s a longer walk and it’s getting colder. It’s just not fair.”

   Last year, RPS 205 used a two tier bus system. The buses went first to the elementary schools, then to the middle schools and high schools. Now, RPS uses a three tiered system, so buses go to elementary schools first, then to high schools, and finally to middle schools. This created a problem mainly due to the fact that buses were taking too long to let Guilford students off the bus in the morning. This also resulted in buses being late to pick up middle schoolers. On the other hand, however, it is faster for the buses to exit the school by the street lights than it is to exit from the circle drive, because the buses no longer have to merge with traffic. It is also safer for students, because this way, students are nowhere near the buses when they are moving.

   The new location was decided on by Principal Carter and the Transportation Supervisor, Jeanette Solis. It saves buses about three minutes. The afternoon pick-up spot will not be changed, but Principal Carter would like to find a new, safer, and more efficient location.

   “I think we’ve created a better flow,” said Mr. Carter. “Our buses have been faster. We’ve accomplished the goal, we just need to fill in the pieces.”