Call of Duty: Modern Warfare review


Eddie Drinkwine, Reporter

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first person shooter which was published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward. The game was released on October 25th, 2019. The game is the 16th Call of Duty game to come out, and the 4th in the Modern Warfare series. Although it shares the same title as previous Modern Warfare games, and even some of the same characters, the game is considered a soft reboot. The game has three major modes: single player campaign, multiplayer, and co-op. 

   The game’s campaign takes on the controversial topic of the current situations in many countries overseas. It has a lot of story elements that take influence from recent events, which the game doesn’t try to hide. One of the game’s main antagonists is  a fictional group called ̈Al Qatala ̈ which is a very clear twist on the real life terrorist group Al Qaeda, and is even inspired by some of their acts in the past. The game doesn’t try to sugarcoat anything that is happening in countries in the Middle East, and this could be shocking to some viewers. For example, there is a sequence in the game that involves a terrorist attack in London, and the deaths of civilians are not censored at all. The game even has a warning for graphic content before starting the story. The game’s story has characters that the player may feel conflicted about due to their actions during the story. Many characters do things that are for the right reasons, but they may go about it the wrong way, which adds a lot of depth into the rest of the story. At one point a character uses a chemical weapon that hurts not only their enemies, but their friends as well. In the end the game’s story is very memorable, and any long time Call of Duty fan should play it.

   The game’s multiplayer modes allow players to experience gut wrenching moments from the game’s campaign with friends and other players by either battling each other, or working together to defeat enemies in co-op mode. From gamemodes like team deathmatch to domination, the mode is a blast, and allows players to feel like they are stars in an action movie. The mode has been switched up since previous games, and now promotes slower paced combat, which has somewhat divided fans of Call of Duty. This change has made the game feel more realistic, and much harder to get good at. Much like the single player, these modes would make a longtime fan of the series have a good time.

   In the end, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a blast to play, and anyone who enjoys first person shooters would have a fun time playing this new addition to a long franchise.