Freshmen introduced to the challenges of Girls Tennis


Gavin Overbey

Freshmen Clair Field, Abigail Larson, Zada Doubek, & Sophia Nelson practice a victory pose before a match against Boylan.

Gavin Overbey, Reporter

   While the girls on the tennis team might seem like average kinds of people you meet on a daily basis, they are actually some of the most athletic, energetic, and bold people you could meet. Constantly training for the next game, they ready themselves for anything by practicing with maximum effort by pushing themselves to their limits to beat the next team that goes against them. While they may seem like intimidating people, they actually love meeting their new opponents and can even get to know them. 

   “I love meeting new players and playing against them,” said Freshman Zada Doubek. 

   While tennis is a fun sport to play, it can also be very tiring. From all the matches and games, including all of the after school work they need to do, tennis takes up a lot of free time. 

   “It takes up a ton of free time,” said Freshman Sophia Nelson. ”I would prefer to use the time to do my homework for other classes.” 

   The tennis season goes into mid fall, which causes cold weather that they need to endure for every match. It is especially worse since the tennis uniform isn’t made to keep a person warm. 

   Fundraising is also something that the girls must do so that they can have better rackets, tennis balls, tennis courts, and uniforms.

   While tennis seems like an exhausting and challenging sport to play, especially with all the hard work high school already offers, it’s still a fun and straightforward sport that many people can enjoy.

 “Sometimes I hate going to practice,” said freshman Sophia Nelson, “but at the end, I’m glad I went because of all the fun times I have.”