Halloween Horrors: Mr. Rush recalls “Moody’s Light”


Bella Mihm & Vanessa Sanchez, Reporters

Students aren’t the only ones who enjoy scary stories.
Mr. Jeffrey Rush, Driver’s Ed teacher, shared a tale from his college days when he experienced the most chilling night of his life. He was attending Saint Joe’s College and was in an old dorm room that had been closed off. It was the month of May; it was still cold enough that you could see your breath. On this night, he said, you could see the Saint Joe’s cross … but the cross was upside down and a student’s hands were attached to the cross as well as his feet. A dark liquid was dripping from the poor fellow’s hands and feet.
Mr. Rush was too scared to find out what that dark liquid was, and to this day, the mystery continues.
“There was a cross upside down and in the spots where there were supposedly crucified,” Rush said. “Then at the head is where it was wet.”
This wasn’t the only haunting at Saint Joe’s College. A phenomenon known as “Moody’s light” was something everyone on campus had heard about but few ever had the courage to face. The story went that years ago, a farmer named Moody lost his entire family in a terrible storm. In his despair, Moody walked to an old hollow tree stump and was never seen again. Over the years, a legend grew that if you go to the old tree stump on the Moody farm and look straight down the cornfield, you should face your car in the same direction down the cornfield and flash your headlights three times. This, it was said, would cause Moody to shine white and red lights to let you know he’s coming for you.
Mr. Rush was skeptical about this legend. So late one night, he and some of his bravest friends went to Moody’s farm to discover the truth. They wanted to see with their own eyes what would unfold if Moody saw those flashing lights.
“I was not intoxicated or on anything, we did that ritual,” said Mr. Rush. “Lights were flickering red; this signifies that you summoned his soul. A white light is his lantern coming up the field road until the end of the gravel, then it floats to the left of the cornfield, toward Moody’s old hollowed-out stump.”
Most people would have been spooked by the prospect of witnessing this chilling, horrifying act. But Mr. Rush decided to go one further and make the spirit angry by saying extremely offensive words to Moody. Mr. Rush tested Moody with his vocabulary–and Moody wasn’t too happy. A white light appeared, speeding towards Mr. Rush and his friends. That white light flew toward them, becoming brighter and brighter until ….
“We all got extremely scared,” said Mr. Rush, who didn’t want to stick around to see what happened next. “We all hopped in the car and drove off. I swear on a stack of Bibles, it scared the ‘bejeezus’ out of me.”