Athlete in the Spotlight: Ella Holmstrom


Kali Szostek, Reporter

Walking onto the court, warming up and representing their school, every game is an excuse for athletes to play harder than the last, and every practice is an opportunity to prove yourself.
But not every athlete has over 5 recruitment videos posted on Youtube, all racking up views.
At 6’ 2’’ tall, sophomore Ella Holmstrom, 6 2” has played varsity volleyball for her first two years and is off creating an excellent athletic journey while indulging in her love for the sport. Continuously striving to do her best, Holmstrom has proven hard work pays off in each gym-packed game.
Not only that, but she has achieved one of her main long-term goals in the past two years.
“I committed to Indiana University and just became a better volleyball player all around,” said Holmstrom. “The coaches and other people who helped me encouraged me to keep playing and keep working and to just be the best version of myself.”
In volleyball, just like every other sport, it can be hard for students to keep their heads up when they are losing or having a rough time during play.
“I try to put myself in my teammates’ shoes and really help everyone to just stay positive and uplift them when things get tough in a game,” said Holmstrom. “It’s so important to stay positive.”
Like other superstar athletes, Holmstrom follows certain superstitions for games. Even small routines are important.
“I always wear a certain blue scrunchie to my games, and sometimes I listen to music just to get myself hyped up,” said Homlstrom. “I also have a strong belief that I play better at home games, mainly because there are a lot more people there watching and my family comes. Home games are just more fun than away games.”