Law classes’ minds implode over Bomb Squad


Photo by Axel Wiggins

Senior Mauricio Campos finds out what it is like to don an explosion-resistant uniform.

Owen Luenemann, Reporter

    It’s a scorching hot day on it’s own, but for this man, it’s even hotter. He’s confined to a massive hunk of armor as he inches closer to a box. You might think that a box doesn’t require this much precaution, but little do you know, that inside this box is a bomb that could obliterate an entire block.

    Guilford had the pleasure of having our Rockford Bomb Squad visit with Mr. Barabas and Mr. Rose’s Criminal Law students on September 13. They came to discuss their line of work and what they experience on a typical bomb job. When they visited they talked about their bomb suit and how it can protect a person if a bomb were to explode in close proximity. The Bomb Squad even had some students wear the bomb suit (Nevaeh Punty, Alexis Erickson, Mauricio Campos, all seniors) to get a good understanding of the weight and immobility that a person has within it when trying to deactivate a bomb.

    The Bomb Squad members also brought two robots: a small one and a much larger one. The robots have cameras on the front, back, and on the arm that transmit to a controller operated by a Bomb Squad member. The smaller of the two robots was mainly used for locating a bomb and even has wheels that could have it propel up stairs. The larger of the two could also go upstairs but could also reach up to ceilings to remove bombs from buildings and the arm could be equipped with a shotgun. This robot is strong enough to pull an injured person from the bomb site if needed.