Brick resurfacing causes class confusion


Eddie Drinkwine, Reporter

   The beginning of this school year has had a few setbacks. 

   One setback some eagle eyed students may have noticed is construction being done on the school, which was finally finished in early October, after five weeks of classes. A mason contractor lead the work, which is called resurfacing. Resurfacing is when old brick or concrete structures are fixed, cleaned, and sealed so that they will last longer. 

   “If you would have driven by in the summer, you would have seen the building had almost the entire face of brick removed,” said Guilford High School Principal, Mr. Gus Carter.

   While it may seem to be a simple task, the work can take a long time due to the size of Guilford. The construction started near the end of June, and was supposed to be done before school started. 

   “We always want the building to be as ready as possible for students to be here,” said Mr. Carter. “Sometimes that doesn’t happen.”

   Resurfacing can be a loud and distracting process, and it affected some school work. This has concerned some administrators. 

   “It’s not a representation of what we want to have,” said Mr. Carter. “When a teacher is teaching in their classroom, I want them to have full attention of students regardless of what’s going on outside.”     

   While the construction may be distracting, there wasn’t much anyone could do about it. Once this kind of work starts, it needs to be finished. All students and teachers could do was wait. 

   “These guys make money by the speed at which they work, so they don’t want to be here any longer then they have to be,” said Mr. Carter, “they want to just get the job done.”