Students share Spring Break memories

Students share Spring Break memories

Maren Blakeney, Reporter

  Spring break: a time for travel, activities, new experiences, and, of course, staycations. Many students at Guilford did interesting and exciting things for their spring break.

  Renee Lagunas, a junior, had a unique experience. Near the end of the break, she got both a dog and a kitten.

  “We all decided that the best name for the kitten was Bella, because of her beauty,” said Lagunas. “Bella has a unique face. Because she’s a tortoiseshell cat, she’s tan and black on her face.”

  Bella is about seven months old, and her family got her from Noah’s Ark.

  “Bella brings another kind of joy to our lives with her chirps and never ending curiosity,” said Lagunas.

  “We adopted him [the dog], so he already had a name, Keeba, which I thought was pretty unique.”

  While the Lagunas family does not know the exact age of Keeba, they estimate that he’s around three to six years old. They got Keeba from PAWS, a no-kill shelter.

  “The best thing about Keeba is that he’s a great walking companion and can always make me laugh when he prances alongside me,” said Lagunas.

  Leo Debruler, a freshman, went to the Cayman islands with friends and family for his break.

  He said that the most exciting part was “being able to get up in the morning and walk down to the beach.” He also said that it was very relaxing and enjoyable.