Hall sweeps: no more free passes

Hall sweeps: no more free passes

Nick Eichstaedt, News & Student Life Editor

Starting this year, the administration has issued a new tardy policy in which hall sweeps are conducted every class hour of every day. In these hall sweeps, teachers are required to lock their doors at the beginning of each hour and are not permitted to let any student in without a pass from the office. However, for every late pass students receive they will also receive a mandatory after school detention. This policy is a big change from last year’s policy in which hall sweeps only occurred randomly.

“The idea is to increase efficiency,” said EMITT Academy Principal Russell Vanderheyden. “Students will now receive their consequences immediately instead of needing an administrator to track them down.”

The new policy is intended to help ensure that students feel rushed to get to their classes instead of socializing in the hallways. The goal is to help students who may find it hard to get to their classes because the hallways are too crowded to get through. The policy has gained support from some students who feel like it has helped the problem.

“I actually think it’s a great idea because it will help clear out the people standing around in the hallways and give them a motive to get to class,” said Treighton Hoang, senior.

Even though there may be apparent benefits to this new policy, many feel the policy may have weaknesses. Students have noted that the policy has inconsistencies in its enforcement. The rule is not enforced by every teacher, so not all offenders are penalized with a detention.  On the other hand, a first time offender could very well get the original penalty.

“I was late to class this year for the first time in years, which is a rare occasion for me, and I received a detention for the first time in high school,” said Srdjan Kuljanin, senior. “I like that the policy helps clear up the hallways, but I wish the school would be more lenient in some instances.”