Three cheers for Guilford’s band

Kai'terra Ross, Reporter

This year band will have 34 graduating seniors. Most of them have participated in the band program for all four high school years.

Madeline Roth, senior, has enjoyed playing a variety of instruments, including the tuba which she has played for six years, the trombone for three years, and the trumpet for four months.

“I am going to continue playing instruments,” said Roth. “I received a music scholarship from Rock Valley College and I plan on majoring and pursuing music there.”

On the other hand, some students do not plan on continuing their music in college. For instance, Cameron Farrell, senior, does not plan on playing in college but will always enjoy music because of his band experience.

“I enjoy playing the drum mostly because of how fun it is,” said Farrell. “You really get to express yourself, but unfortunately drumming is just a hobby of mine.”

Farrell loves playing the drums, but in college he plans to stick to his academics.

“I will be majoring in Information Technology and I only want to focus on that,” said Farrell. “Without the dedication from Mr. DeRango, I definitely wouldn’t be as good of a drummer and enjoy music as much as I do now.”

Most students would say Mr. DeRango, Guilford’s longest working band teacher, is responsible for students’ passion for music. Mr. DeRango has been teaching band at Guilford for 29 years and he strives to make kids better and love music.

“Teaching band is great,” said Mr. DeRango. “I enjoy helping students become the best musicians they can be.”

Students such as Erin Schanfeldt, senior, will be continuing her music career playing the alto sax in the Western Illinois University Marching Band.
“I loved the band program all four years at Guilford,” said Schanfeldt. “I enjoyed the Concert & Wind Ensemble because it is a large group that performs a few concerts every year and there are more diverse pieces. Jazz band does so much outside of school and interacts with other public places such as other schools, restaurants, and parties where we can display our talent.”

Unfortunately, all things must come to an end. The school and Mr. DeRango bid farewell to this year’s “senior band geeks” as they move on after high school and enjoy their music careers or other interests.

“DeRango is the one who made this band the best it could be,” said Roth. “We will take so many life lessons from here on.”